We Need To Act Now!

The earth’s inhabitants have become dependent on carbon based fuels. This is a dangerous situation and is slowly causing the destruction of our once beautiful and plentiful earth. It is imperative for the future existence of our planet that we begin to use alternative energy sources, now.

There are renewable energy sources available all around the world. The technology used to harness the energy is constantly being improved and made more cost efficient. It is possible for every home owner to begin using alternative energy to power their homes. Governments are allocating billions of dollars to further the technology. The technology is constantly being enhanced making it more convenient and cost efficient for every person.

Solar energy is a renewable source that can be captured with solar panels or solar cells. This non-carbon based fuel is becoming a popular source of power in homes all around the world. Wind powered electricity is yet another option that is inexpensive and can provide all the power a home or company needs without using precious fossil fuels.

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Automobiles are one of the leading causes of fossil fuel depletion. The gas needed to operate the automobiles could possibly be completely depleted by the year 2040. Bio-diesel is an alternative fuel for some of the biggest gas guzzling vehicles out there, large trucks. There are conversion kits available, but they are not easily accessible, and they can be costly. Bio-diesel is not readily available, which minimizes the appeal for drivers all over the world. Bio-diesel is generally only an option for diesel engines, this factor alone cuts out the majority of passenger vehicles.

There are a number of different non carbon based fuels that are currently being developed. Some involve soybeans or recycled vegetable oil. There are plenty of homegrown fuels that some enthusiastic individuals manufacture and use to run their vehicle but for the vast majority of the earth’s population these are just not feasible.

Using clean, natural energy sources does not produce the harmful gases that carbon base fuels emit during burning. Burning carbon based fossil fuels is slowly depleting our protective atmosphere and will eventually destroy it altogether. Although fossil fuels are naturally occurring, they contain noxious gases that are harmful to the environment.

The use of non carbon based fuels is becoming more mainstream and taxpayers are given tax breaks if they switch to these alternative energy sources. Green energy can save each homeowner or automobile owner money over a long period of time while saving the planet at the same time.

Published by Carol Foss - in the hope that it will make a difference, however small.